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Juniper Community Centre

About us

Our History

Ready to Educate visitors

Right from the time the community centre was established in the former Juniper School, it was believed important to honour its original purpose: to educate. The history of schools in Juniper is an interesting one.

While the building itself rose from the ashes of a fire to be bigger and better, the students didn’t miss the year! Although over 200 young people from grade 1 to grade 12 once shared the classrooms, when the building finally closed in 2012 there were fewer than twenty pupils.

In December of 2012, The Carleton County Family Resource Foundation Inc. was created and the former school was purchased from the government.

In 2014, the Juniper Community Centre as we now know it was created. Money was tight in the beginning but with grants, donations and much hard work, the community centre gathered momentum resulting in some major renovations.

We now work with other community organizations, local businesses and government agencies to enhance life in our community, to preserve our history, and to promote tourism in New Brunswick and the Maritimes.

Most importantly, we provide a place for our community to gather, whatever the reason.

Juniper Community Centre Building History

Of particular interest to alumni and their children are:

the grad class photos on display

the grad ring and certificate of a former student and principal

a compilation of names of all students who attended the school over the decades

juniper community centre history room school

Graduates of the Juniper School have gone on to do fine work and have a positive impact all over Canada and beyond.

Mission Statement

Our promise to the community

“It is the commitment of Juniper Community Centre:

  • to provide a range of services to the residents of Juniper and surrounding area
  • to maintain a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with other nonprofits and with businesses in the community
  • to offer employment as much as possible, to preserve and share the history and culture of the area
  • and to maintain and improve the existing property while providing a welcoming place for people of all ages.”

Board Members

Serving our community

Currently, the Juniper Community Centre operates with a 10 member board, all of which are volunteer positions. The board is responsible for the development of bylaws and policies for the smooth operation of the organization.

The board determines the direction of programming and events is also responsible for maintaining the organization’s financial security to ensure the building and grounds are available for future use.

The board executive consists of:


Vice President



board members at juniper community centre

On behalf of the board,
Welcome to the Juniper Community Centre

Occasionally, special committees are created to oversee certain projects and events. The board meets monthly (or more as needed) and holds an annual meeting and election of officers in July or every year.

About Juniper, New Brunswick

Perserving for the future

Our summer students have recorded interviews with seniors in the area to better understand our evolution as a community.

Juniper’s rich industry in:

logging and forest management

milling lumber, and manufacturing of related products

a 70-year-old plus tree nursery where trees are grown to plant in harvested areas

have all been a part of Juniper’s past.

Today, seasonal peat harvest and the farming of seed potatoes now employs many.

Marget Johnson celebrating the Queen of England's reign

Contributions of photos and artifacts are always welcome.

Juniper NB in the morning at a foggy lake
Juniper NB in the cool morning at a lakesmall bird on a branch in the winter in juniper nb
moose in the woods with calf

Spring Photo Contests

Local Wildlife and Wilderness

Because its scenic location at the headwaters of the Miramichi River is so rich in natural resources — sportsmen have flocked to the area for over a century to hunt, fish, and enjoy the wilderness.

In 2023 the Juniper Community Centre promoted a contest for local wildlife and wilderness photography.

The sunset lake was captured by Angel Conner; the postcard-worthy dark-eyed Junco was taken by Kelly Brown, and the mother moose with her two calves was photographed by Carley Noltie.

The winner of the Spring contest was Corey Crawford with their photograph of a  crisp morning by the calm river.

Local Celebrities

Celebrating our community members

fly fishing fly sign in juniper nb

The 14-foot replica of the Grant Salmon Fly is located in front of the centre. This monument pays homage to the Grant family, in particular Mr. Fred Grant Sr., whose “Grant Special” salmon fly was treasured by fly fishermen.

Fred Grant artist in Juniper NB

This history, and much more, is on display in the History Room, with changing displays to reflect the various aspects of the community’s past and its revered citizens.

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