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Juniper Community Centre

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Volunteers Welcomed

there's a place for you

We need you! Volunteers are the backbone of our organization.

Some volunteers like to participate in specific programs or events. Some prefer to be on the front lines, working with the public. And others want to be behind the scenes, making it all happen.

Whatever your participation, we have a place for you.

It is up to you to decide how much time you would like to donate.

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Your Help is Our Heartbeat...

New board members and volunteers are always welcome.

Volunteer application

Summer Student Jobs

A Good place to start

The summer months are very busy ones at the centre. Our summer programs and services would not be possible without our students. We often have several student positions available in the summer which are made possible through various work placement programs.

We can help you develop skills for future jobs or careers.

Contact us for more information or questions about our paid summer student positions.

summer students working at juniper community centre

Student roles and responsibilities

For the last number of years, we have been very fortunate to be able to offer summer
employment opportunities to our local youth.

These positions are funded through federal and provincial work placement programs and they allow students to learn new skills and gain confidence in their abilities in a safe, respectful, and accepting work environment.

Some duties for students may include:

Working in Millie’s Tea Room

Helping at The Community Closet

Performing building maintenance by keeping a clean and tidy environment, both inside and outside

Aiding in community programming and events

Creating new displays in our history room

Duties may vary according to the number of students, their skills, and their wish to learn and explore new interests.

Take advantage of the ability to explore career directions by being a summer student worker!

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